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Gorgeous specimens of UV reactive purple fluorite with malachite and barite from the Ojuela Mine in Durango, Mexico. See the video for UV reaction.

You choose the exact specimen you want:

1: 1 pound 0.6 ounces (471 grams), good mix of all minerals

2: 1 pound, 0.4 ounces (467 grams), good mix of all minerals

3:12.75 ounces (361 grams), good mix of all minerals

4: 12.32 ounces (349 grams), tiny fluorite 

5: 6.48 ounces (183 grams), larger fluorite on barite, no malachite

All purchases come with a free gift.

Colors of items may vary slightly due to photography and different monitor resolutions. Please look at all photos before purchasing. You are buying a natural stone, of which some have crevices and other imperfections which only add to their beauty.

Items are generally shipped within 1-2 days. All crystals will be cleansed and charged prior to shipping.

The information above is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any psychological or physical ailments.


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We currently ship worldwide through Etsy. If you are an international customer, please see our Etsy store, JaxyCrystals, to order.

Where Do You Get Your Crystals?

Our crystals come from all over the world. We aim to source our products as consciously as possible. Our biggest suppliers are in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and multiple countries in Africa.