May 12, 2024

Indonesian Pink Lace Agate 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Pretty Crystal

By Lauren Harris
Indonesian Pink Lace Agate 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Pretty Crystal

Learn the basics about Pink Lace Agate from Indonesian and its properties, the chakras and astrological signs it is connected to, and the possible benefits you may experience by working with this pretty crystal.

Four pink lace agate towers on a gray table.

The information in this post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any psychological or physical ailments.

Pink Lace Agate from Indonesia is not to be confused with Mexican crazy lace agate which can sometimes be found in shades of red and pink. Often times, pink lace agate is referred to as pink crazy lace agate.

It's a more recent find and growing very quickly in popularity because of its gentle, feminine energy, beautiful shades of pink and white, and the common occurrence of druzy pockets.

Pink lace agate is in high demand, but due to the fact it has only been found in one location, there is limited quantities. This has resulted in an overall higher price range than other more common crystals.

What Is Pink Lace Agate?

Hand holding an Indonesian pink lace agate tail carving.

Pink lace agate is a banded agate.

It is most commonly found in shades of pink and white, though can sometimes also have shades of yellow, orange, red and gray.

Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

While more rare, pink lace agate is usually available in forms of polished crystals such as towers and points, spheres and larger carvings. It is not found in raw form as often.

Pink lace agate is more rare and can only be found in Indonesia.


Because pink lace agate is a newer find, its spiritual properties are still being discovered.

It may align more closely to the heart and sacral chakras, similar to other pink agates.


At this time, it can be assumed that pink lace agate is associated with all of the zodiac signs.


A hand holding a pink crazy lace agate rabbit carving.

While the spiritual properties of pink lace agate are still being discovered, some benefits you may experience from this crystal are:

  • Increased unconditional love
  • Increased balancing of male and female energy
  • Increased protection, strength and courage
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased calming and soothing
  • Increased confidence

How To Care For Pink Lace Agate

Recharge pink lace agate by placing in sunlight for just a few hours or moonlight, or by using other crystals, like selenite. You can also remove any negative energy by smoke cleansing your crystals with incense.

Where To Buy Pink Lace Agate

A hand holding a pink lace agate mountain carving.

Crystals should only be purchased from reliable sellers who source their products consciously. There are many fake crystals on the market and unethical practices in sourcing these stones.

We often have pink lace agate that has been sourced directly from legitimate Indonesian wholesalers, available for sale.

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